7 Reasons Why Queensland is Australia's Best East Coast Secret

Mar 04, 2022
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The best food, tons of culture, and helicopter rides above the ocean...

We ventured over to Australia's east coast to experience the Bucket List-tastic amazingness for ourselves. Brace yourselves (and your passport/wallet), things are about to get amazing....

Go for a trek in sub-tropical rainforest

You think Queensland, and most people immediately imagine gorgeous beaches and tropical ocean.

But escape to the Noosa country air, and you're guaranteed a tropical rainforest experience that'll entertain as much as it chills you out. We heartily endorse exploring the hinterland spotting different types of species of birds, bats, kangaroos and lizards with Tropical Treks.


Image credit: @beckasaville

Their guided bushwalks and birdwatching days out provide fabulous guided nature walks and wildlife experiences. Extra adventure points if you can learn to spot the famous wompoo bird with its unique call.

Indulge in the culinary delights that Queensland has to offer

All. The. Food.

What with so much of Queensland being on the coast and all, it's a state whose culinary is all about the fresh seafood. Believe us when we say that the flavours are unreal.