Beat the Back to Work Blues: Book a Trip

Dec 16, 2021
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It can be hard to go back to work when you’ve had an amazing, relaxing holiday. Overdue time with our loved ones after two years being separated by border closures. But going back and opening up emails and having deadlines bestowed upon you again can quickly erase all the good that the holiday did.

So, why not plan another one? 

Holidays offer you the time to relax. Time to step back. It can give you a moment to take stock of your personal life, your needs. There’s a reason that Eat, Pray, Love happened on a trip. An awakening of a life that you want to greatly improve. Because holidays give us the freedom to live within our own world and our own expectations.

Having something to look forward to can take the edge off. It can help you when you return to normal life. With something to look forward to on the horizon, life can feel a little easier.

Three reasons to book at a holiday (as if you needed it):

  • To be more fun, relaxed and connected
  • To connect with nature or your loved ones
  • To create amazing, once-in-a-lifetime memories

There have been so many studies into why travelling and holidays are good for us. They expand our minds, increase creativity. They can also make us more productive. As we sit at our desks and work away, having something to look forward to or work towards can give the long days a purpose. 

There is so much potential when booking and planning a holiday. From road trips to staycations, whether you get on a plane or stay in your same state. Planning holidays are a time to let your imagination run wild. Places to see, new things to taste, smell, touch. 

Research points to holidays also lessening your stress and helping you to live longer. Taking regular breaks can reduce mental health problems which can manifest physically. 

So, when asked why you’re planning yet another holiday, just tell them the truth. “To live longer.”