That's It, I'm Moving To The Cook Islands Immediately

Feb 03, 2022
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Ever thought about running away from life's problems to the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Well, here’s your sign to do just that. Introducing, the Cook Islands…


Situated just above New Zealand and just under Hawaii, the Cook Islands are an abundance of small islands (we’re talking populations between 17,000 and, like, 300) that operate under what’s known locally as ‘Island Time’. Essentially, they’re really, really chilled out. (Hence why it’s the perfect place to run away from your responsibilities, hint hint.)

Here are all the reasons why you NEED to book yourself on the next flight out there.

When In Paradise...

Cruise around the islands capital of Rarotonga then dive in for some snorkelling

Hilarious staff? Crystal clear waters? Did we mention the hilarious staff? Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruise Rarotonga is the place to be for a fun-packed day out for all the family. Breeze through the waters and islands surrounding Rarotonga by boat before diving into the water for an up close and personal snorkelling experience with all the sea life the ocean has to offer; from lightning blue starfish to giant turtles, to some seriously huge clams (like bigger than our face, guys). Then hop back on the boat and head to the nearest island for lunch (our mouths are watering just thinking of that freshly caught tuna the Islanders can cook up) and a comical show hosted by those hilarious staff members we told you about.