How to Pack Like a Pro

Dec 14, 2021
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Some people love it, others hate it. Some are amazing and others take everything and the kitchen sink. That’s right. Packing. 

But here it is. The tips to pack like a pro. Leave nothing behind, bring nothing you don’t need.

Check the weather!

Check the weather! Check the weather! Check the weather! Is it unseasonably cold (I’m looking at you, Melbourne!)? Is it raining in the dry season? Are you protected against the wind? These are all the things you need to be prepared for. There’s nothing worse than being too cold or too wet. Check that you need that extra layer. Bring heat-tech shirts from Uniqlo. They’re light and easy and keep you toasty warm when you need an extra layer.

Bring too many socks and jocks

Travelling is about comfort first because you’re losing your home comforts. And you know what is the most simple comfort? Clean socks. Sacrifice room in your bag to fit in two extra pairs of socks and two extra pairs of knickers. Being comfortable and feeling clean will break your busy days up. If you come back to the accommodation to have a shower before your next venture, chucking on clean underwear will give you the second wind to go, go, go!

You don’t need two fancy dresses

It’s hard. You run your hands along all your dresses. “But what if I’m not in the mood to wear the one I plan to wear and I need backup?” We’ve all had these discussions with ourselves. Do we need this? Do I need two formal dresses for one wedding? Probably not. You’re not the bride. Just pack the one. Plan the outfit in advance and stick to your guns.

Roll it up

Did you know that rolling up your clothes leaves you with more space? And it also helps with creasing. Bundled up and scrunched up clothes can be a nightmare, especially when there’s no iron available. That’s why you roll it up! Rolling up your clothes is a huge space saver and gets rid of those pesty fold creases. So get rolling!

Puffer jackets are your BFF

It’s always about being prepared. As the Scouts have taught us, “always be prepared”. And one of the best things to be prepared with is a puffer jacket. Puffer jackets can be folded away like a sleeping bag and take up next to no space and no weight. But not only are they the lightweight thing to pack but they keep you so warm and protected from the elements. Whether you go with the affordable Uniqlo or the upmarket Kathmandu, there’s a puffer jacket for every budget and for every season.