Lifehack Your Annual Leave in 2022

Dec 14, 2021
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We’re all in need of a little holiday. The last two years have been exhausting and left many of us stuck in our homes and suburbs. 2022 means more borders open, and our lofty vacay dreams becoming reality. 

But for some of us, we don’t have all the annual leave. Our holidays have dwindled away in staycations and random days off. 

There is a way to hack your holidays. Taking off a couple of days here and there can give you the long awaited break from the devices that we all need.

In 2022 April will mean Easter. It’s always a nice little quarter break. April 17 will mean Easter Sunday; which means if you take from April 19 to April 22 off work you’ll get a whopping eleven days off! Not just ten this time! With the lucky timing of ANZAC day in 2022, the following Monday the 25th of April is yet another public holiday. 

Want even more days off? If you’re willing to take eight days annual leave and extend the ANZAC week, you’ll get a huge seventeen days off. Shut down the computer, leave your troubles behind. Bali, Fiji, Tokyo? Which is calling your name? This is enough time to get on a flight, change time zones, recover from jetlag and find yourself lost. 

By the time you get to October you’ll be needing another trip. The sun, the surf, the snow. It doesn’t matter. But it’s time to relax, we’ve earned it. Labor Day falls on October 3 this year. Taking off the following four days will give you nine days away from the emails, the computer. Nine days off from the world, or nine days to explore it. Your choice.

So, if you’re looking to use your leave wisely, look no further. These hints won’t even suck up all the leave days that you’re given, but they will give you a break long enough to escape. To reset. To recharge.

Go on. You’ve earned it.