Make the Most of a Summer Vacay in TNQ

Oct 05, 2021
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The wet season in Tropical North Queensland is traditionally the low season for holidaymakers. While southern Australia is bathed in the summer sunshine, North Queensland is glistening in fresh tropical rain. This time of year is a full sensory experience, like a time-lapse before your eyes. Pack your appetite for adventure and wind the windows down as you drive beside palm-lined beaches, through misty rainforest and camp next to the Great Barrier Reef

You could easily spend your whole Tropical North Queensland break flopped on one of the gorgeous beaches, but with so much to see and do you won’t want to miss out on all the incredible things on offer right across the region. If you’re looking to beat the heat, Cairns and its surrounds are home to every kind of tropical watering hole you could imagine. Choose from man-made lagoons, rainforest waterfalls, ocean reefs and island beaches. Trek through the tropics or island-hop, discover hidden rainforest waterfalls, go white-water rafting along raging rivers, or even skydive over the sparkling blue ocean. If you’ve never experienced the wild beauty of a tropical summer, now’s the time to lock in your Tropical North Queensland break.

Let Barron Falls take your breath away

There’s big, and then there’s Barron Falls big. If you’ve ever seen the comparison photos of Barron Falls in the dry compared to after a good dose of summer rain, you’ll understand. Waterfalls that are usually amazing become incredible, streams that are normally a trickle begin to thunder, and waterfalls seem to appear in every crevice of the surrounding mountain ranges.