Pimp My Staycation: Stay in a Converted Windmill

Nov 03, 2021
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Seven floors, sleeps seventeen, is completely amazing...

When it comes to holidays, it’s all too easy to think of the shiny, swanky hotels and rentals abroad.

But there are a host of incredible, mind-melting places to stay in your very own back garden too.

So welcome to Pimp My Staycation, a super-local spin-off of Pimp My Weekend, which aims to bring you the best undiscovered UK-based properties for your holidaying pleasure.


First up, a seven-storey converted windmill with a heated pool and private dining service.

Yes, you read every part of that sentence correctly.

Where is it?

Stoke Ferry, Norwich. Situated in a sleepy rural village, you’re only an hour from the north Norfolk coast, Cambridge, Stanstead and Norwich, and a quick 90-minute train from London’s King’s Cross station to nearby Downham Market station.

What is it?

A Grade II seven-storey converted windmill that sleeps 17(!) and boasts a heated swimming pool, BBQ area, games room and enough character to fill a JK Rowling novel.


While the enormo-kitchen and living areas in the main house offer ample opportunity to cook/wine/game it up to your pleasure, it’s the mill that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Essentially one giant multi-level room, each floor hasn’t been blocked off with doors, meaning that one seemingly endless spiral staircase takes you from a huge dining space (seventeen would fit around the table amply), up to three individual bedrooms (each on their own level, literally within/in/around the inner-workings of the mill), all the way up to a top-level viewing platform with unparalleled 360 views across the surrounding countryside.


While the ‘old’ part of the tower has character for days (exposed brickwork, thankfully defunct mechanical workings above the beds), it’s splashed with modern flourishes.


Case in point, a very impressive glass walkway above the dining area to an adjacent bathroom bigger than most flats.

Why is it so ridiculously amazing?

Well, firstly, read all the above.

It’s the perfect setting for big family or friend gatherings – not only does it have seven bedrooms, but there’s plenty of space to entertain or chill out in equal measure. Play ping-pong while your BFF is reading in the living area, inhale a glass of wine in the swimming pool while your parents stare out at the countryside from the top of the mill – it’s yours to indulge in as you see fit.