The most visited city in the world might surprise you

Sep 30, 2021
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Nope, it’s not in Europe. Or North America.

If someone were to ask you, ‘hey, which city do you think is the most visited in the entire world?’ your mind might immediately conjure up visions of New York, Paris, or Rome.

Well, your mind is wrong - because according to Mastercard’s annual study of destination cities, the most popular city of 2018 is actually Bangkok.


Image credit: @drtango

Yep, the capital of Thailand beat 161 cities across the globe that were analysed for the credit card’s Global Destination Cities Index to nab the top spot, with roughly 20 million international overnight visitors.

The data also shows that visitors stay in the city for 4.7 nights on average, and spend around $240 per day. PER DAY? Where are these people shopping? You can pick up some definitely-not-fake Ray Bans for less than a quid, lads - you’re doing it wrong.