The Ultimate Travel Gear Guide for Solo Travellers

Oct 22, 2021
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Prepare to be prepared...

Solo travel is getting more popular recently with jetting off on holiday by yourself seen as an exciting prospect for freethinking nomads rather than the last resort of the lonely.

Adventuring by yourself can be a liberating experience which leaves you in charge of your own destiny and eliminates any possible arguments of whether you should spend your day eating your bodyweight in local cheeses or running off to do some beach yoga.

Going it alone can be a daunting idea though and not just because you don’t have anyone to help carry your bags or split an expensive cab fare with.

Here are 9 essential items that will take your solo travel game to the next level.

For the light sleepers

If you’re off on a solo adventure, chances are you might find yourself sharing a hostel at some point and while you might value your snoozing above all else, some of your fellow travellers may not. To help block out the unwanted noise of your dorm mates’ drunken night fumblings grab yourself some incredible noise cancelling earbuds from Bose.

The Quiet Control 30 have a nice lightweight neckband so they won’t get in the way of your slumber and are also Bluetooth so you won’t have any worries of getting tangled up in your sleep.

BOSE QuietControl 30 Wireless Headphones - $559.87


For the safety firsters

Not having a companion to watch your bag while you grab a drink or in case you fall asleep at the airport can be a bit scary - especially when you’re carting all your possessions around with you at all times. Luckily, there’s a solution and it doesn’t involve lugging a giant Looney Tunes-style safe on your travels. The Korin series of bags are not only theft-proof but also look ridiculously cool.

The FleckPack Pro and Go have a Tardis-level of compartments for you to safely pack everything you need for your trip. You can chuck your belongings in, clip them to your chair, bed or even a luggage rack safe in the knowledge no cheeky little robber is going to run away with your things.

Korin FleckPack Pro & Go - $401.04

For the fashionably secure traveller

Even though you might’ve safely stowed your luggage you might want to keep your money and passport even closer and what could be safer than keeping them secretly and securely on your neck?

The Pierron & Co. range of scarves have a little secret pocket in them where you can store your most valuable items. You’d think that something so safe would look drab and disgusting but these scarves are designed to be as classy as they are safe.

Pierron & Co. Scarves - From $54.11


Image credit: @pierronandco

For the ‘gram

Not having a significant other to take your photo as you pose majestically in front of a highly Instagrammable landmark or a rude foreign sign used to be a nightmare - not anymore! Front-facing cameras (or selfie-cams) have eliminated the need for an extra pair of hands to take a decent photo of yourself and the Google Pixel 3’s two selfie-cams are quite frankly off the chain.

The Pixel 3 has two wide-angle lenses to fit more of you and your surroundings in - think of it like using a selfie stick but without the embarrassment that comes with whipping out the stick in front of your fellow travellers. It also has a “Photo Booth Mode” which will automatically take a photo when you smile, eliminating all need for a travel companion with its technical wizardry.

Google Pixel 3 - From $1,378.92


For the beach bums

You’ve got your super-selfie camera on the beach and you’re ready to do one of those “is this a hotdog or my lovely legs?” posts but what happens when you want to take a little dip in the sea? Stuffing your expensive phone in a sock isn’t an option so you’ll want to grab yourself a waterproof pouch you can stick your phone in and hang around your neck. The Pixel 3 is impressively waterproof by itself and can handle spills and being in water for short periods of time but you’ll really want to get something like the Anker waterproof phone pouch to help put your mind at ease.

Anker Waterproof Phone Pouch - $14.91