This underwater rave will blow your mind

Jul 15, 2021
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Underwater raving. In the world's deepest pool. WITH mermaids. Oh, and beer.

Just when you thought partying couldn't get any crazier, we're here to introduce you to the next big thing (well, if you're a mermaid).

Underwater raving. In the world's deepest pool. WITH mermaids. Oh, and beer.

MTV travelled to Venice with Desperados to experience a completely mad party that was the definition of LIT. Or, well, as lit as you can get when you're underwater.

They teamed up with party producer Elrow to create an unforgettable sub-aquatic experience in the Y-40 Deep Joy Pool. 


The party saw over 400 guests taken down into the underwater wonderland that is “Deep House” - a 42-metre-deep pool turned dancefloor, filled to the brim with disco lights, scuba diving mermaids and floating plastic bottles of beer featuring performances from world-renowned DJs Peggy Gou and Artwork.

From the surface, we saw beams of multi-coloured lights blasting out, making the pool look like a liquid disco-ball. Once we were kitted out in brightly sequin-clad outfits, and fitted with our SeaTREK helmets, we were ready to go.

We climbed down a ladder deeper and deeper into the incredible dancefloor, and once we made it to a safe platform, the show began. Looking out from our platform we saw dozens of trained divers zooming about like super-heroes all around us, dressed as mermaids and other underwater characters, all while a kaleidoscopic laser light show refracted around us.