Oct 05, 2021
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Revisit your old summers with these classic tunes the 90s to now!

Summer is a time for old and new beginnings! But there’s nothing like an old-school singalong to get the party started. From pop to rock and a bit of house in between, what songs are guaranteed to get the party started? Warning: Will lead to a group sing-a-long!

Hilltop Hoods — Nosebleed Section

What Aussie doesn’t love this piece of classic Australian nostalgia Aussie hip hop? (Answer? No one!). This song has every one, from punk to pop fan, singing “I fell in love with the people in the back row”. The Australian classic has become a token at all end of the night, when you’re ready to throw your arms around someone and just sing to your heart's content. There will be no seat in the house still sat on when Nosebleed Section is on the speakers.

No Doubt — Just A Girl

Before Gwen Stefani was Gwen Stefani she was the front woman of pop punk band No Doubt. With her pink hair, her crop tops and her baggy pants, she was the quintessential 90s’ punk princess. Just A Girl was the anthem for all baby feminists and made us feel all a little cool and rock’n’roll. Because after all, weren’t we all just a girl living in captivity? 

Powderfinger — My Happiness

With the sun-soaked beaches of Queensland as their inspiration, it was no shocker that Powderfinger make the best summer anthems. The Brisbanites classic tune My Happiness was made to sing at full blast, with an esky full of beers, the sun high in the summer sky, and a surf already finished for the day. This song is a balmy summer evening, a beachfront barbeque, a trip to nowhere.

Fatboy Slim — Praise You

Perhaps the best film clip of all time, Praise You aged with us, and it aged beautifully. Guaranteed to get even the biggest wallflower on the dancefloor, Fatboy Slim’s club classic has remained as good as the day it first came out. As soon as the song starts, all stress melts away. When the sun sets, and the night becomes a party, Praise You is the best party guest.

Arctic Monkeys — I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

The debut song from the cheeky British rock band is still their most quotable, danceable and most importantly singable song. Put this song on and just see who can go without singing along to its catchy tunes. This is an end-of-the-night, “is it time to go to bed just yet?” Kind of song. The one to get the sleepy ones back on their feet, and keep the party animals going.

All Saints — Pure Shores

The ultimate summer classic, Pure Shores was made famous by cult classic film The Beach and stood the test of time with the rest of us. Not only do we picture being on a perfect Thai beach with just our friends, releasing lanterns into the sky, but we all know the lyrics. The distinct opening sound is enough to have everyone stop in their tracks and start singing, “I’m moving, I’m coming, do you hear what I hear?”