Top Travel Youtubers You Need to Follow Right Now

Oct 07, 2021
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This is how to live your best life...

It's not always - or indeed, ever - possible for most of us to pack up our day-to-day lives and head out into the big wide world to find ourselves in some far-off country. Our wanderlust isn't helped by the fact that there's ALWAYS someone posting their holiday snaps all over your feed, but there actually might be some upsides to watching other people experience your dream travel itinerary instead - it's way cheaper, for one!

There are plenty of gorgeous, inspiring, funny and helpful travel vids being uploaded every day, so whether you're after some tips for an upcoming journey, want to stalk your favourite vlogger or you just want something to gawp at while you're stuck in the office with your meal deal, we've compiled a list of the best travel Youtubers for you to follow right now.

Casey Neistat

If you haven’t yet heard of Casey Neistat, have you literally been living under a rock? With over 11 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views and counting, you simply have to credit Casey as being one of the most successful and well-loved Youtube vloggers of all time. Perhaps even more captivating than his super exciting, wonderfully edited and often off-the-rails content from around his New York City HQ and travels abroad is the man himself, who has previously been described as a “high-functioning sociopath”. Yep, he’s one pretty fascinating guy, and well worth checking out for yourself.

Kinging it

Craig and Aimee aren’t just your everyday smile-for-the-camera vlogger couple – they are two of the most authentic people ever, and against all odds (such as Aimee’s fight against cancer and Craig breaking his neck), they’ve seized opportunities for adventure all the way around the globe. The genuine gratitude and joy of these wonderful Welshies in their beautifully shot Youtube vids (which don’t shy away from capturing the bad as well as the good) mean you can’t help but be inspired to follow in their footsteps with the mantra “rule your own world”.

Hand luggage only

You won’t be able to resist the bona fide good-natured enthusiasm of Yaya and Lloyd, who met while studying at uni and created a very visually pleasing (and informative) travel and lifestyle blog. Their Youtube channel is very much up-and-coming in comparison to their other platforms, but is full of handy travel tips according to location as well as entertaining destination vlogs that get a lot of online love from their dedicated – and growing! - community.

Hopscotch the globe

Kristen and Siya desribe themselves as “professional adventurers”, and hats off to them, because this couple enjoys immense Youtube success, lives in a caravan when they’re not abroad travelling, and haven’t let the recent birth of their first baby stop them from bringing us the travel hacks and destination recommendations we need, whether you’re flying solo or voyaging en famille, and then everything – they really have covered IT ALL – in between. You can join over 200k other subscribers and count on them for gorgeous content twice a week.


Doing it for girls everywhere is solo traveller Christina Kaaloa, a true one-woman Youtube show who isn’t afraid to share the perils as well as the pros of travel, especially as she started out being abandoned by the friends she was touring India with...

Her pep and charisma, as well as her no-nonsense attitude, are delightful to watch, plus she’s full of useful advice and travel tips, especially when it comes to food abroad.

Simon Wilson

Boasting near 250,000 subscribers, this cheeky chappy from the UK has managed to cause a bit of a ruckus with his “NO MONEY” series, which sees him take on some of the world’s major cities without spending a penny of his own. But, as well as being one of Youtube’s ultimate blaggers, Simon Wills always delivers on fun and adventure for anyone who enjoys a challenge as well as top tips for travelling on a budget.

Fun for Louis

Louis Cole seems to have cracked Youtube, amassing over 3 BILLION VIEWS with his daily vlogs. He’s been practically everywhere (and even has his own map to prove it) but it’s the interspersing of his personal life with family and friends among his videos that makes him so popular, alongside breathtaking footage of his travels. FunForLouis has also helped to open many doors for the creator, who has founded various projects and initiatives, but still continues to vlog regularly.


Twins Jack and Finn Harries took the Youtube world by storm when they first began their channel back in 2012 to document their gap year before starting uni. Today they’ve got nearly 4 million subscribers, but the channel is now branded after its original creator, Jack Harries, who has spoken openly about the effects Youtubing and social media fame have had on his mental health. Nevertheless, Jack still posts with relation to his activism and humanitarian work, and the first videos by this internet sensation are still available on the channel and always worth a watch.

Travel in her shoes

Excellent fun and with a good story or 50 to tell, Aggie Lal is the face of Travel in Her Shoes, whose stunning, Instagram-esque videos will either make you insanely jealous or inspire you to pack a bag ASAP (especially her Monday Motivation vlogs). She’s studied abroad in Brazil, Poland and Australia as well as sailed across the Pacific Ocean, but she always keeps her videos light with splashes of fashion and lifestyle thrown in.


This pair of YTers are pretty easy on the eye, but they also make great videos – nearly 870k subscribers can’t be wrong! American brothers Marko and Alex Ayling focus on exploring culture and cuisine around the globe and look damn good doing it, as well as providing handy advice-based videos on how to become a better traveller.

Babe, where's my passport?

With nearly 5 million views to their names, Theodora (from the Netherlands) and Graeme (a fellow Brit) took the risk of giving up their jobs and selling all their possessions to discover the world so that we can watch them from the (incredibly dull) safety of our own homes. The backpacking couple, who are very much in love, upload weekly, showing off the weird and the wonderful of their nomadic lives in glorious technicolour.