What's on Your Travel List in 2022?

Dec 14, 2021
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Whether you’ve been dreaming of going to a place for your whole life or you’re just taking darts and throwing them at a world map, 2022 is the year of travel (unofficial!). But it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. Where do we start after so long of not being allowed to travel? 

Here’s some of the top travel destinations to hit in 2022.


It might be the fiftieth state but it’s one of the most beautiful. A backdrop for many films and a great place for those who chase content. It’s a paradise made up of several islands. The US state is a playground for those who want an adventure. But it is also ideal for those who are looking to just relax.

The islands can be explored through various levels of hiking, whether you’re looking for rigorous exercise or just a jungle stroll. It is complete with various hidden waterfalls and pristine streams running from atop the mountains. 

Don’t feel like exploring? The beach awaits. Relax, chill out, scuba or snorkel. Known the world over for its surf, Hawaii’s reefs aren’t just for those on a board. They’re ready to be explored.


It might be a bit of a stereotype, but for good reason. Bali is a close flight for all Australians, many who have second homes or businesses on the Indonesian island. It is an affordable escape that is great to do with the family. After two years of being bound by our borders, going back to somewhere with some familiarity could be the best way to get back into the swing of travel.

Jump on a flight, you can go for a long weekend or a long time. It’s up to you.


It’s a long flight but with great reward at the end. Canada is an expansive and beautiful country from the ocean to the slopes to the baron and dense forest that makes it up. Landing in Vancouver Australians will feel immediately at home. The warm and friendly Canadian attitude is reminiscent of Aussies, and they will welcome you with open arms.

Take some time to explore beautiful British Columbia. With Whistler there to ski on and mountains to explore, it’s been an Australian favourite for years. But it’s not just about skiing. The area is made up of beautiful glacial lakes and serene outlooks over isolated forests. When the lakes freeze over in winter, look out for big cats walking across the icy grounds.

New Zealand

For when you can’t get to Switzerland, the Southern Hemisphere has New Zealand. Both the south and the north island are incredible travel destinations with something for everyone. Whether you want to go to wineries, on hikes, skiing or just to relax. New Zealand has it all.

Popular for campers, their freedom camping laws make it easy to pack up a van and explore the country on your own accord. Drive on the roads less traveled and find out why Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to film and create the world of Lord of the Rings.


Keeping it a little local, Hobart was long overlooked by Australian travellers. But, with the boost of MONA and the epic Dark Mofo, Hobart has hit the map. With beautiful local produce and quaint town city, Hobart is becoming a hotspot for young trendy people

The art and music scene is thriving, and although the winters can be long and cold, Dark Mofo celebrates the darkness and the art scene in the town.