When in Rome... You Can Hire Your Very Own Instagram Boyfriend

Sep 30, 2021
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You see it all the time; influencers on Instagram posting the most stunning candid (and we use that term loosely) shots of themselves in beautiful locations. But if it’s not a selfie, who’s behind the camera?

Usually, the unsung hero of any influencers life is their partner. A guy or gal hiding behind the camera to make sure they get the most breathtaking of shots for their loved ones online following. Now that’s marriage material right there.


What happens if you’re single though? We live in a modern society in which we’re all fully aware that a relationship isn’t the be-all and end-all of your life, but we all want cute snaps of ourselves living our best lives, y'know?

Don’t you worry though because a trip to Rome could solve any potential lack-of-a-partner problem you may have. You can officially hire your very own ‘Insta-Boyfriend.’ Or girlfriend.

The brand new service from Roma Experience offers up a personal photographer to stick by your side like glue during a day tour of Rome and Vatican City. Just imagine the photos. All of which will be delivered to you via email after you’ve been out for the day.


If you’re looking to spend a casual $1,047 on Roma Experience’s Full Day Tour of Rome and Vatican City, which will include all of your entrance fees and transportation, then great.

The photographer-for-hire is priced at an extra $478 though. It’s an added bonus that’ll cost you. Can you really put a price on great photos though? 

So who’s down for a trip to Rome?