Western Australia
Otherworldly, wild, magnificent – this is Western Australia.

The westernmost part of Australia is a place of unimaginable beauty, where stark outback plains are interrupted by otherworldly freshwater lakes, majestic orange cliffs, and undulating ‘beehive’ domes millions of years in the making. A place where a progressive, exciting city thrives just an hour away from an off-grid island paradise, home to arguably the most beloved animal on earth, the quokka. Unspoiled and spectacular, WA’s vast landscapes may not always feel real, but they are.

Cityside or outback, adventure in WA always rules. Thrilling ziplines, decadent food and wine trips, soaring flights over World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, gorge dips under mesmerising waterfalls, glamping in the wilderness and rambles through towering caverns and enthralling cave systems are all up for grabs. The question is: what will you do first?